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I was ghosted many times during my job search. I was faintly acquainted with it, but still loathed the process of second guessing what went wrong especially after multiple rounds of interviews.

Still, my experience with ghosting was exclusive to the job hunt until I got ghosted by a boy.

We went on a seven-hour date in the pouring New York City rain, sharing an umbrella as we made our way through the heart of Midtown West. We exchanged walls of texts for about two weeks, talking easily about our families and interests. I was certain a second date was in the cards, but one day, the three promising dots never again appeared. …

Is the bubble tea scene on the West Coast superior to New York?

As a self-proclaimed bubble tea connoisseur, I have strong opinions about bubble tea. I noticed how different West Coast’s bubble tea culture was from New York upon moving. Chain stores with staples like Gong Cha and Kung Fu spread around the city. I found myself missing the West Coast’s bubble tea culture, but I had doubts about my objectivity. Is it pure nostalgia?

Most of my ideas for personal projects are a result of spending an excess of time fixated on a certain issue or topic, this one is no different. My main concern for the investigation was: Is the bubble tea culture in New York City that different from the West Coast? This inquiry paved the way for a couple more questions: How do we measure different? …

I started keeping a journal in my freshman year of high school but never really finished one until this year. I used to struggle with consistency and perfection — I would scrape the journal altogether when I make a mistake or when it doesn’t look as nice as I had hoped.

The past hundred something days of quarantine has given me a lot of time to reflect and plan ahead, and my bullet journal has been an essential part of the process. My journal helps me think, remember things, and find the small joys every day. …

A reflection on 22 and my hope for 23

I am awfully bad in both planning my life and predicting my future.

On my twenty second birthday, I presumed I would get a job not too long after graduation and remain on the West Coast, where my life was mostly rooted. I was wrong. Life actually unfolded in a much better way than I could’ve predicted in my wildest dreams.

In less than three months, enticed by a string of job interviews I made the leap to move to New York, the city of my teenage dreams. …

My journey to the New York Times

For most people, job search is the first time that they are truly in their own timezone. It is certainly true for me. There is no set date when you know the decisions will be released. Depending on your luck, you’ll only have to go through a couple interview rounds. But if you are like me, then you’d go through 36.

It’s scary. It scared me. The four months I spent job searching were the most difficult period of my life yet. But it certainly made me tougher.

There are two things that scare most upcoming graduates:

  • Not having a job by…

This year, I graduated from college, moved to a new city, and ticked off many milestones — including landing my first job. Because of a light senior year load and a stretch of unemployment, I had a flexible schedule allowing me to travel almost every other month this year. My lack of final exams in March allowed me to travel far and long. I traveled to new cities and revisited old ones. With or for those I love.

Traveling is personal. Each presents an opportunity for reflection. But no two trips are the same. …

I spent the past week teaching young girls to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Generation Girl, an initiative that exposes young girls to STEM fields. When I was filling the mentorship application, I realized only a few of my female friends could write code. A lot of people, my friends and myself included, tend to give up because well, writing code is intimidating and difficult — but difficulty is not an impenetrable barrier to achieving your goals.

Initiatives like Generation Girls makes the process of learning to code friendlier, by providing a supportive and fun learning environment in a typically male dominated space. I picked up programming again after giving up my first year because I found friends who supported me through the rigorous upper division courses. A positive and conducive learning environment can change the outcome of one’s learning experience. Being able to write code is an important skill to have because regardless of your passion — it gives you a chance to make opportunities for yourself. …

After the end

Revised in Jan 2020

The death of a relationship leaves a scar where it used to be. The scar, triggered by absentmindedness or memories of walking past a cafe where your fingers once intertwined, sets off a jarring pain so deep.

You learn to develop a coping mechanism over time — whether it’s dancing atop tables or crying to a song that reminds you of your past love. But whether it is your first or Nth break up, there is no anecdote that numbs the pain overnight.

After my first real break up, I cut my hair short and dyed it a light shade of pink. Shortly after my second, I tossed all the letters and polaroids in a bin couple miles from where I lived. I swore I wouldn’t fall in love again until I was at least 25. But I kept the promise only 2 years after it was made. …

Death is permanent… unless you are an avenger!

I have a habit of “productive procrastinating”, a situation where I trick myself into believing I am somehow yielding productivity while procrastinating. This past weekend, I devoured 10 Marvel movies in 2 days after ignoring the Marvel Cinematic Universe for about a decade. As a result of a Marvel high and wasted time, I implemented this flawed framework and performed a statistical analysis.

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I went on to Dataset Search, an excellent platform for data nerds looking for datasets. There was a plethora of Avengers/Marvel datasets available, but FiveThirtyEight’s Avenger dataset stood out.

The dataset was perfectly curated it contained all the Avengers’ full names and information about their deaths. I thought I could expand on FiveThirtyEight’s idea as explained in the README and come up with interesting insights of my own through visualizations. …

By: Joy Harjanto

For Gilbert Ichwan, his fascination for iPhones that started in the early 2010s was life changing. The product caused him to develop a strong affinity towards Apple and its founder Steve Jobs. Beyond its sleek design, Gilbert was fascinated by iPhones’ user friendliness and company motto.

Gilbert thought he wanted to pursue the world of design. But his first coding experience in community college caused him to change his path for good. For most individuals, computer science is a far cry from design but in retrospect, there is a lot of overlap.His interest for design and usability helps him in his pursuit of computer science. …


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